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Rural Cambs Citizens Advice Bureau covers East Cambridgeshire and Fenland

The main offices are at:
St Neots

We are funded to advise people resident or working within this, or the immediately surrounding area.  Please use the link below to check that you qualify.

In our area?

If you are outside our area please try the Citizens Advice search to find an alternative.

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Debt and money advice

Debt and money advice encompasses rent, mortgage and council tax arrears; benefit and tax credit overpayment; utility arrears, credit card and bank debt; bailiffs; bankruptcy; IVA; repossession or eviction; debt management; banking; savings, pensions and insurance.


Before emailing us please take a look at the money management advice available from Citizens Advice. Click on the 'Debt' button below. You may well find the answer to your query.


Adviceguide  The link will open in a new tab or window, to allow an easy return to this page.


Did you find what you needed?  If so, thank you for taking the trouble to look and please come back to us if you require help in the future.  If not, please feel free to email us, using our secure debt email form.

Please remember - you MUST live, work or be a full-time student within our area to use our e-mail service.

The enquiry form may seem quite long but we need as much information as possible to answer your question more quickly. We aim to respond within two working days but it can take much longer.  If the matter is urgent please try phoning or calling into one of our offices.


If you prefer to contact us by phone or in person please find your nearest Rural Cambs CAB.

How Rural Cambs CAB can help you with a debt problem and what you need to do.

All of our bureau are able to offer specialist Debt advice and you will be referred to an appropriate adviser if necessary.

We can help with preparing a financial statement, negotiation with creditors, representation at county court repossession hearings, bankruptcy and Debt Relief Orders.

Before you can tackle a debt problem you need to collect together information about your money affairs and take matters one step at a time.


Making Money Count logo                        (this link will open in a new tab/window)

Rural Cambs CAB is also working in partnership with Circle Housing Roddons, Fenland District Council and CHS Group through the Making Money Count project, which provides free and independent assistance. To find out how this can help you with your budgeting and being in more control of your money.



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